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Highly accomplished and strategic GTM Enablement Leader with a proven track record of driving operational efficiency and excellence in sales and marketing organizations.


As an experienced GTM Enablement Leader,  I've defined GTM strategies and processes and built enablement programs to help sales, customer success, customers, and partners designed to accelerate revenue growth. 

Building Teams

  • An experienced leader is passionate about helping people grow and realize their full potential

  • Helped teams define strategy, charter, and quarterly OKRs to deliver high- impact enablement programs

  • Consistently support promotions and career development of team members 


GTM Strategies & Readiness 

  • I've designed and led GTM processes and readiness enablement programs to help sales and marketing take new products and services to market. 

Sales Methodology & Client Lifecycle Approaches

  • Developed buyer personas and defined buyer journeys 

  • Partnered with 3rd party consultants and have built homegrown programs centered around various sales methodologies like MEDDPICC, Command of the Message, and the Challenger Sales Model to enhance how reps increase deal size, speed to deal, increase upsell opportunities, and drive renewal/retention

Onboarding & Induction 

  •  In-depth experience building scalable and meaningful onboarding programs to reduce ramp time

  • Developed on-demand and in-person learning designed to reduce ramp time

Customer Education & Certification

  • Led and built customer enablement programs for Twitter, Reddit, and Sendgrid/Twilio

  • Designed holistic programs including in-app learning, email nurture series, on-demand courses, live webinars, in-person events, and client education portals

Paul Peterman, Sr. Director Large Client Sales at Reddit

Negar is a 10xer. There isn't a project that we work on, where I don't learn from her. Exceptionally strong at approaching projects from a strategic POV and always seeking to draw it back to our larger business goals and company strategy.

Her ability to deliver high-quality work at a fast pace got us through product launches before she had a team. Today, she continues to support her teams’ production capacity by continuing to deliver high quality content while managing her team.

Negar has a strong understanding of sales needs, I’m always impressed by how well she knows the sales team and their needs. She’s constantly thinking about how she can make them better at their jobs while making sure they have fun. 

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