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Showcase of Work


View Company Priorities & OKR
Led executives, department leads, and business operations to establish company priorities and department OKRs.


View Team Charter Template
Designed team charter templates to help drive the adoption of team goal setting and to drive clarity & alignment to company priorities 

View Goal Setting Commitment 
Established a leadership commitment and enablement to drive change leadership and encourage leaders to establish goals for every person on their team and align company priorities. 

View Company Engagement Plan

Worked with executives and department leads to establish a company-wide engagement plan based on survey themes.

Note: Removed key business metrics and insights to maintain confidentiality.

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Image by Toa Heftiba


View Sample of CRO Offsite
Designed and facilitated CRO leadership offsite to help leaders establish their bi-annual plan and define how they wanted to work together as a newly established team. 

View Sample of Sales QBR Template 

Established Internal QBRs to help sales uplevel their sales strategy and get feedback on key accounts/deals.


Internal Comms Strategy

Worked with cross-functional leaders to define how to uplevel our company-wide communications approach.

View Sample Monthly Email
Drafted all CRO email communications to teams and stakeholders to rally the troops, share quarterly progress, and drive specific call to action to all field teams


See Screenshot (to the right) of Monthly Newsletter to Sales & Marketing  
Designed internal newsletters and managed Slack communications to promote awareness of internal announcements, new processes, and GTM launches



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Designed and facilitated engaging company and department all-hands and kickoff events. Led planning, content development and designed videos to create inspirational moments and bring people together. 

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