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Here are just a few samples of programs, learning guides, one-sheets, on-demand courses, videos, and collateral I've created to enable an array of audiences and help take new products & services to market.

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Unlock Mega Deals with an Upfront Partnerships Program 

Our Enterprise and Mid-market AEs struggled to lock larger deal sizes with their key accounts.


  • Our team designed and launched an upfront partnership program to help sellers lock larger deals with brands on Reddit.

  • Led a cross-functional effort to define differentiated services to incentivize a brand to spend upwards of $1M annually.

  • Services included media stipends, early beta access, creative strategy, and measurement services. 

  • Built value-based proposals and client-facing collateral.

  • Designed and launched a sales enablement program to uplevel our rep's ability to navigate these deals.

  • Empowered the team to lead effective discovery, multi-thread within accounts, champion building, strategic account planning, and value-based storytelling through our top sellers' skills-based workshops.


  • Within the first quarter this program launched, our sales team was able to unlock multimillion-dollar annual deals across our top strategic accounts.

  • This program is still thriving at Reddit.

Scale onboarding and ever-boarding


At Reddit, we launched a job-specific, hybrid onboarding program that had tremendous results. It consisted of on-demand learning, certification checkpoints, skill-based workshops, and job shadowing. We reduced rep ramp time by 4 months. 


Our team designed and launched a similar program for our agency partners. This client-facing portal was designed to educate and inspire our agency partners & customers. It features bite-sized resources, on-demand courses, and prompts to register for webinars. Visit Reddit Ads Formula.

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Scale client education with guides

This is an introduction to advertising on Reddit targeted to Agency Partners at holding companies. As part of the GTM, we created social media posts, email outreach, and a printable version of the book to send to executive clients, along with company swag.

Drive retention with guided onboarding for customers


Our marketing buyer's 3-month survival rates had not materially improved over several years.  Only 58% of our paid marketing campaign users retained their subscription with SendGrid and survived past their first 3 months.


At SendGrid, we launched an on-demand program designed to reduce friction in the onboarding process. We helped users master email marketing from resources and how-to modules. This program was integrated into our business site, docs/help center, and we embedded App Cues to point clients to additional courses.

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Sales Kickoffs & Videos

Videos are a great way to energize your audience, especially at your annual sales kickoff.  I designed in-person and virtual kickoffs with fun ways to engage an audience (especially over Zoom):

- Industry panels featuring customers & partners

- Team Challenges & Breakouts

- Trivia & Games 

- Awards & Celebration 

I also have lots of experience writing scripts for product education & thought leadership.

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Enhance product competency with certification

This is just one example of a product training course that I designed to help increase competency of our offerings. The course includes a bite-sized certification and has also been used to onboard new hires.

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Scale Internal Comms & Create a Sense of Urgency with Buyers

Marketing internally is just as important as marketing externally.

Help your GTM stay on top of what's happening and what they can take to market with a bi-weekly newsletter.

This is an effective vehicle to feature ways for your team to drive a sense of urgency with their prospects and track which marketing resources are resonating with your reps.

Adapt Sales Methodologies to Accelerate Revenue & Growth


I've partnered with various sales leaders to build a best-in-class sales methodology to drive deal velocity and accelerate growth. I've designed workshops, deal clinics, manager coaching programs, and tools designed to develop skills.​ See samples below.


I've helped teams to adapt to various methodologies (i.e., Challenger Sales, MEDDPPICC, and Command of the Message). Whether I am working with a third-party provider or creating a home-grown program, I always spend time to understand how we're trying to optimize the sales funnel and introduce a framework that is integrated into all of our enablement processes & tools.

Work Desk

It’s clear Negar always has the Sales team at the forefront of her decision-making to try and make each touchpoint the best it can be for them.  She works hard and takes pride in what she does. This passion for Reddit is inspiring and I’ve noticed it uplifts the rest of the working team and pushes the rest of the group to challenge themselves. Negar is also incredibly creative. During brainstorms, she has endless ideas that are so uniquely Reddit. She is a wonderful collaborator, enlists XFN support when needed, and her resourcefulness to get things done is great to see! She’s made countless gifs and found unique trivia prizes with each one true to the quirky spirit of Reddit.

Negar also brings a lot of fun and personality to the working team. She always keeps it real and is herself through and through which makes it so enjoyable to work with her. Our external xfn partners have also commented on how much they love working with Negar and I think a lot of this is how genuine and thoughtful she is in all her communications.

Erica Yoon, Sr. Channel Marketing Manager at Reddit

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